Friday, May 13, 2016

Manos de Compasion

We have not had a team for a few days now. Our next one will be coming from Hinton, Alberta tomorrow night. I have used the time to do a few things and to relax a little. This week I went out to see Lauren and Jean for a few days. It is a three hour trip to get to Santiago and I am always tired by the time I get there. Mountain roads, rough lakes and crowded means of transportation always make for unrelaxed travel travel but I got there safe and sound. As always, once I got there I enjoyed myself.

It always amazes me the job that Dave and Deborah, Lauren and Jean, Micah and the rest of the workers at Manos de Compasion do with so much going on at any one time. With so many kids there is never just one or two things happening.There are kids doing chores, other trying to finish school work and others already playing. The little kids are always on the go, moving from one thing to another quicker than you can focus. In spite of it all, the family always seems to be on top of everything and aware of who is doing what and where they are doing it. They are a very special group keeping this house functioning as a family.

On top of keeping one house running smoothly, they also the Esther House where Annie was and the New Beginnings House with Ron and Rhonda getting more full almost daily it seems. They are in the process of finishing the home Lauren and Jean will be overseeing and looking to build another. This is a special ministry and is a blessing to those children that call it home. They have a vision for rescuing kids and giving them a chance for a better life. Through it all, they faithfully proclaim the Gospel to the kids and to the surrounding community.

I know that I normally write about me and what is going on in my life, my thoughts and the work we are doing with Iglesia Galilea but I wanted to highlight this amazing ministry this week and ask you to consider them and their needs in your prayers and your giving. God is doing great things there and I want to ask you to consider how you can bless and encourage them in fulfilling the call God has placed on their lives.  Here is a link that you can follow to see more about them and their work and see the pictures of the kids.  Manos de Compasion

Thanks and I pray that you have a blessed week.