Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Me

I have been thinking about a lot of things this last few weeks, reflecting on the year that we are completing and wondering why God chose me for this role. Why am I the one that is living far from home, getting to see God do such amazing things and having a part in all of it. Why did God choose me?

As I ask that question I realize something. He chose me because He chooses all of us. I am doing something that I love and know that I was created for because all of us were created for a purpose. None of us is here by accident but we have reason for being and destiny programmed into us. Some of us are called to go to another place and live with people that speak a different language and have different customs than we grew up with. Some are called to be nurses or mechanics. Others are called to be pastors or school teachers. None of us are called to mere existence. I have stepped into what I am created to be and so can you.

How do I know what I was called to do? First we have to have a relationship with the Creator. Who but the one that designed us would know what we were made for. Without Jesus, we may stumble along and find our passion but we will never find our destiny. They are tied together but are not the same thing. Our passion gives us power and vision for our work but our destiny will cause our work to impact the lives of people for eternity. We will enjoy working in our passion but we will find fulfillment in our destiny. Obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit will bring these two together.

When we let God lead our steps, He will direct us into the place that He can use our lives to build His kingdom. As we are active in building His Kingdom, we are also building our own inheritance. He told us to store up for ourselves treasures in Heaven where thieves could not steal and moths and rust could not destroy. We will also find a sense of fulfillment in knowing that we are leaving the world better than we found it. People will have a hope that they previously did not have because we are walking in what God created us to be. When we walk in His purposes, we become the salt and light that Jesus called us in Matthew 5.

Today, did you get up with a sense of purpose and destiny? Do you feel like your life will matter long after you are gone? Did you dread getting out of bed to face another long tedious day? That is not what God created you to do. Ask Him how to escape the rat race and walk into purpose and destiny. I am not telling everyone to quit their jobs. Some of you are working 9 to 5 and are exactly where God created you to be. Where you are is impacting people for  His Kingdom. Some of you are in ministry and hate what you are doing. You chose a career because you believed the lie of sacred vs secular and now feel like a failure or disappointment because you want out. All of our labor is to be as an act of worship to God but it can only be worship if we are there in obedience to His plan for our lives.

I know that I am here because God has called me to be. Sometimes I worry about what the future will be. I am dependent on things beyond my control like finances. I do not have the material possessions and resources that I had when I worked at a regular job. I no longer have a 401 K. I am not sure about what I will be doing tomorrow but I know I am to be here today. I believe that God has me here and the proof is that He keeps putting it on people's hearts to support the work I do but even more, He keeps producing fruit and I get to rejoice at seeing it and knowing that He is working through all of our inadequate efforts to grow His Kingdom all around us. I am grateful for how God is using my life and pray that today you can say the same thing. If not, ask Him to help you set a new direction, one that will cause you to be on the path of purpose and destiny.

This year, many of you have supported me and the work that we are doing here in Guatemala and I am eternally grateful. Next year I am praying that will continue and increase. We will be doing more work and my personal needs still exist. It is coming to the point where I really need to get reliable transportation and will eventually need to find a place to live, though that could be quite a ways down the road yet. Pray for me and for our work. My financial goal for me next year is $17,000. This is much higher because it includes the purchase of a vehicle. I would also love to raise $15,000 for the school at Membrillal to finish next year strong financially. I will be writing about these things more in the coming weeks and will tell you more about how you can be involved. For now, if you would like to help me personally, you can send support to

Life Church Morris
C/O Guatemala Missions Fund
P.O. Box 679
Morris, IL 60450

The pictures have little to do with our work this year but they are just some fun ones that I liked and thought that you may enjoy as well.

Soon I will be telling you how you can help the school and the students for next year.

Thank you all