2016 Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule for the teams that will be partnering with Iglesia Galilea this year. It is a busy year and I ask that you would pray for our work, the safety and the health of our teams and for the people that we share the love of Jesus with through this work.

  • Hungry for Life Canada                                                    Jan 14 to 20
  • Carmel Church                                                                   Jan 21 to 25
  • Kid's Alive Team                                                                Feb 29 to Mar 6
  • Fairhaven Church (CMA)                                                 Feb 20 to 28
  • McKinney Christian School                                              Feb 28 to Mar 5
  • South Mountain CC  (HFL)                                              Mar 10 to 19
  • In Illinois                                                                             Mar 21 to Apr 18
  • Hood River (CMA)                                                            Apr 22 to May 1
  • Hinton Alliance Church                                                    May 14 to 27
  • Risen Life (HFL)                                                                Jun 3 to Jun 12
  • His Hands/Pastor Yves                                                      June 18 to 25
  • Fox River/Three Rivers/ Morning Star                           June 26 to July 9
  • Capital Church (HFL)                                                      July 14 to 24
  • Life Church Morris                                                           July 25 to Aug 5
  • HFL Medical                                                                       July 27 to Aug 3
  • Village Church                                                                   Aug 6 to 12
  • Hungry for Life Medical                                                   Nov 13 to 19
These dates and teams are subject to change but as of this date, they are accurate. There are some groups that will still be added plus two other medial teams that we work with that come to our school in Zapote but are Kids Alive teams. I would ask you to be in prayer for them all as they come to work in Guatemala.

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