Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Challenge

This is not a usual post but rather a challenge foor me that I am asking others to join me in. I am going to pray the following verses from Ephesians for myself personally for the next 30 days and as they become more a reality in my life I am going to pray them over My family, both natural and Church family gor 30 more days. I am asking my friends and family to join this prayer. I am realizing how often I depend on self but want to be completely emptied of self so I can be fully filled with the Holy Spirit. The world needs the Church to walk in the power of God. The disciples turned the world upside down once. We need to see it happen today. Please join me in this prayer, first for yourself and then for all that Jesus wants to use to make himself know. Feel free to share this challenge with everyone and I will be writing a regular blog soon.