Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Video Review of 2016

This year was a very busy year at Galilea. We had 14 teams, built houses in 6 Zapote and also 3 others in Zorzoya, Escuintla, and Magdelena. We built about 20 stoves also. Our teams chipped up the cracked concrete floors in Zapote and tiled the school. They also repaired the underground drainage at the Zapote school and poured concrete in an unfinished part of the school yard. We hosted a medical clinic in Membrillal and worked with 2 others in Zapote. We finished the walls of the Church in Membrillal and put the roof on. The Church was dedicated in November.

Teams that came did Bible Schools, Special ministries to the kids after school. They did food give aways to families in need. One team did teacher training led by teachers and a school administrator. We were able to hold an evangelism event for the workers and drivers of the company that delivers fuel to the gas stations and another one for their families later in the day. We did street fair outreaches in San Lucas and in Membrillal and we walked the streets of Membrillal prayerwalking with one team and sharing the Gospel with another.

It was a year that kept us busy. There was such a variety of projects and outreaches that there was never time to get bored.

We finished the year with graduations at both schools and then a gift giveaway for the students. All of the students in Membrillal received backpacks ans in Zapote they received shoes. The schools had about 300 in attendance this year and we got to share the Gospel and demonstrate the love of Jesus to them on a regular basis. This is the reason that we are here.

I am going to stop writing but  I would like to share a video with you that shows some of what we were able to do this year.