Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chasing Happiness

When I was a young man, I chased after many things to make me happy. I thought more money, another party, more alcohol, vacations or many other things would finally give me the happiness that I was searching for. I was always chasing after something that was just out of my grasp. I wondered if it was just an illusion that some people had convinced themselves that they had achieved.

I went to Church as I was growing up. I continued to go even in the midst of my ungodly lifestyle because it was expected and that is what respectable people did. While I was sitting there with blurred vision smelling like smoke and hung over from the night before, I was not finding life. I saw rules for living but not life. I rejected the Church even though, by appearance, I was part of it.

One day I clearly heard God saying that I had rejected systems and rules that people had instilled in me but I had not even given Him a chance. I had never let my life be controlled by a relationship with Him. I was 21 years old and at that same time, a guy that I knew invited me to a College age Bibles Study. That was the beginning of a life transformation that is continuing today

Since that time, I have come to learn that happiness is found first in a relationship with Jesus and then in fellowship with others. He created us for both. Without Jesus, our relationships have a self serving purpose. When He becomes the center of our life, we can love and serve others without fear or hesitation.  Our circumstances become secondary to our purpose. We are here to love. When we love God and others, our lives are full whether we have money, health or any other thing that the world values.

Are you happy today? Do you have joy that persists regardless of circumstances? Have you given Jesus the opportunity to lead your life or does He just get to make occasional suggestions? If you are tired of playing the religious game, I encourage you today to ask Jesus to show you His desire for your life and then submit to whatever He shows you. Then begin to talk to people that are on the same journey of faith as you.

Thanks for taking time to read this today. I leave for Guatemala in just about 36 hours.

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