Thursday, May 7, 2015


I have been thinking about something for a few days now and I believe  that God has put it on my heart but along with this idea, I have heard a 1,000 excuses in my mind. I am not ready to share the idea just yet because I need to talk to a few people and also I need to ask God to more fully develop it so I know what the next step to take will be. What I want to share right now is the issues that try and rob a God given vision.

When I started to think about this thing that God was putting in my heart, I got excited. It would open doors for many that right now seem to be closed. After my excitement, I got hit with reality. This would cost a lot of money and would require a big time investment from many people. I got frustrated at the difficulties that were ahead and wanted to complain and run away. I let the idea begin to die before Holy Spirit had a chance to develop it in me. I know that it was from God but I also knew that I felt far short of the task.

God began to speak to me about His Kingdom yesterday. In Matt 6 and Luke 12, Jesus tells us that the Father knows what we need and that we should not spend our time chasing after these things. He continues on to tell us to seek His Kingdom and He will take care of our needs. In Matt 16, He goes on to tell us that He is building His Church (Kingdom) and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.. It sounds like God has a plan for all that needs to be done and He has provision to make it happen.. I need faith to step into the plan.

What I am realizing is that it is God's job to direct us, provide the resources for the work and provide for our needs as we walk in obedience to Him. My job is to become intimate with His voice and to obey what He directs. If I am trying to figure out all of the logistics of a thing, I am stepping into His territory. My plans keep me form His best, His provision and His prosperity. I can get my best and come far short of what He intends. I do not want that.

When we pray the Lord's Prayer, we pray "Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven." but do we mean it. In Heaven their is one agenda, the purpose of God. We often want to direct God into our purposes to act according to our will. If we want His Kingdom manifested in our town, country or even the world, we have to lay down our agenda and work on His. The good news is that when we do this, he is responsible for providing the needs of money, workers and resources. In Heaven there is no shortage of anything. His Kingdom manifest on earth also has no shortage even though we might not always understand how He supplies or may have to wait on His timing to receive it.

I am not talking about a prosperity Gospel. To often that is about the kingdom of self. God has not interest in or intent to build my kingdom. He fully intends to build His kingdom and when we set our hearts and minds on obeying His direction in that call, He will pour the resources of Heaven into that endeavor. He is building His Church (Kingdom) and nothing can stop that. Our choice is to get on board His plan and get to see it happen or to fight for our own plans and get crushed at the point where the Kingdom of God is in conflict with the world.

What I am realizing is the only thing that stops me from walking in God's plan is my own agenda. God is moving with me or without me. The idea He put in my head will happen but I may not get to be part of it. I guess it is time to embrace the work of the cross, let my own plans and agenda die and get on board with what God is about to do.

I want Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. Teach me to seek that daily instead of my own desires  and plans Jesus. Your plans and your Kingdom rule are better.

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