Friday, June 17, 2016

Yesterday, Today and into the Future

About 16 years ago I began an adventure and I had no idea where it would lead. A friend, Al Graham, asked me if I would consider going with him and driving a bus to Guatemala. I was not sure you could even get to Guatemala from Chicago. I talked to several people and they all encouraged me to go. I remember my mom saying "You should do it. It would be the trip of a lifetime."  Little did she know, it was not the trip of a lifetime but the trip that launched my current life. What started as a 20 day adventure turned into a passion for a lifetime, to see the Kingdom of God impact a country I have grown to love. Many of you have been following along on this adventure with me since the beginning and a few have even come to join me for a week or even months. What a ride it is.

For the last 4 years, I have been working with Iglesia Galilea in San Lucas Sacatepequez. When I first met the pastor and leaders here 8 years ago, I saw their enthusiasm and their dreams for their country. Over the years I have come to see the depth of their faith and their understanding of the heart God has for Guatemala. They know that God desires to bring healing and freedom to lost people and they pursue Him to see that happen. I have not heard them use finances an excuse ever. If they believe God wants to do something, they press on until He tells them to stop. Their faith that God will come through to accomplish His purposes continually challenges me to believe and act beyond my comfort zone.

For the last few years we have been working on the completion of the school in Zapote and assisting the Church in Zapote in reaching out to the community with construction projects. We also have been working on building the school in Membrillal and helping Pastor Esdras plant a Church there. This year we will see the Church building there begin to be used for services. The roof is currently going on. The Church in Zapote is looking for options because they are currently at capacity every Sunday and often have people standing outside that cannot get in. They need more space.

Along with these projects, there is already discussion  about what is next. I do not have many details about the future projects but I now that Tono and Merari are in the planning stages for what will come next. One of the things that I do know is we will be working on a new Church building for San Lucas. Much like Morris, there is a large number of unChurched people here. We are frequently full beyond capacity so we need more space. Because there is seldom room at the second service, visitors can easily feel that they are not welcome. We are looking to build a much larger sanctuary so we can continue to reach out to San Lucas with the love of Jesus. The property is ready and waiting. One day the decision will be made and construction will begin.

I love working here with these people. I love having my faith challenged as I see them continue to step out beyond what is comfortable into the realm of walking by faith. I love the impact that the Churches and schools are having on the communities that we are working in. I am grateful for all that God has allowed me to be part of. I also love how He continually proves Himself as a loving and faithful Father. God has provided time and again, often through brothers and sisters in other nations that have seen the vision and sent funds to share in our projects.  Thank you.

As I write, I find myself still in need of $4,000 to finish this year. I am $9,000 short of my original goal for the year. That included $5,000 for a car or other transportation here. I still have airfares to pay for and other expenses to meet in order to be here for the last 3 months of the year. I will also have expenses for the month of September while I am in Illinois. I am committed to being here and the work that we are doing. I am also sure that it is God that has brought me here. I am asking that you pray about continued support. I know that God is my provider but I also know that He uses people as His hands and feet. If you believe in the work that we are doing and would like to support, you can send support to

Life Church Morris
PO Box 679
C/O San Lucas Mission
Morris, IL 60450

or you can follow the link for donations on this page.

I do not want anybody to feel pressure to support beyond prayer. I only ask that if God calls you to give, you are obedient to Him. He will provide sufficiently. If you do feel called to give, let me know. I do not get a list from the Church but would like to personally thank you for your support and encouragement.

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