Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time is getting short.

I will be leaving in two weeks. Time is getting short. I seem to forget that while I am away, family and friends will miss me as I miss them. It seem like it is easy to take them for granted until I am away. It gets easy to be caught up in 1,000 other things that need to be done in preparation to go. In a month, it will be easy to look back and see where I missed time with the people that I love at home. I think it is easy to do everyday. We assume that our family and friends will just be there when we are around. I pray for the wisdom to recognize opportunities to spend time with them.

People ask why go and be away from those that you love. Why leave your life behind, even for a few months? Are you going on vacation? looking for adventure?

The answer to all of these things is because I believe that Jesus calls us to it. Some are called for short periods of time and others for years but all are called to go. I do not believe that God calls us because He needs us. He is God and fully sufficient to accomplish His purposes without us. He calls us because He loves us and wants us to have the joy of serving Him and those He created. God's purpose is to manifest his love in the earth. We get to experience it best as we go and share it. He calls us to go because he wants to transform us into His image.

My challenge to each person that reads this today is to ask God where they are suppose to be working for the advancement of His kingdom. Look for an opportunity to serve and make His love known. It can be scary but will be the most rewarding and life transforming thing that you have ever done.

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