Friday, March 28, 2014

Time flies

This week has flown by. It seems like just yesterday we were picking up the Hood River team from the airport and it has already been 6 days ago. They jumped right into a busy work schedule on the first morning. As soon as breakfast was over, we left for Membrial and started digging 2 classrooms out to get down to grade so we could pour the floors. By the end of the week, they had poured the classroom and office floors along with a sidewalk, excavated a lot of dirt with much concrete in it, done two Bible School days in Membrial and one in Zapote and built two stoves. They have been a very industrious team and I have heard them say on more than one occasion that they just want to be doing what God directs them to.

Over the course of his week, I have been reminded of something that I though about a lot when I was recovering from surgery and going through chemo. What would I do if I know that I only had a year to live? Is the thing that I am doing right now what I would want to be remembered for? 

When I first was diagnosed with cancer a little over three years ago, I was not fearful but I did think about things that I might not ever be able to do. I considered how much time I wasted on meaningless things along with the things that I had done that I was proud to have been part of. I felt like God was showing me that every day was a gift from Him to be used for His glory and to advance His Kingdom, a kingdom in which I have an inheritance.

I may not use every minute as wisely as I should but I have come to value the use of time much more. When I look at the effort that was expended by so many to accomplish what they did this week, I realized that it was worth it. Time was well spent. More kids will be able to attend school and hear the Gospel as a result of the work done. Jesus' name will be lifted up by some who would have never heard it if not for the efforts of those that came and worked this week. Sore, achy joints and stiff bodies are a small price to pay for the lives of the children that will come to know Jesus in Membrial and all the way up the road to Buena Vista.

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